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Nova Launcher helps you look like Android 11 on any phone



Nova Launcher helps you look like Android 11 on any phone

Customization is one of the highlights of Android and is not surprising. All the Android phones we have in Spain give us the opportunity to not only change the wallpaper, but also give the look we choose on our home screen screen with apps like Nova Launcher, among many others.

This is one of the oldest launchers we can access on Android, and despite being with us for so many years, it continues to provide news and improvements that help keep it updated every year. The latest version of beta brings us closer to the Android 11 feature.

Nova Launcher is preparing to bring you the look of Android 11

No matter how many launchers we try, there are always reasons to return to Nova Launcher. The imminent launch of the Android version is one of the most repetitive reasons, and that’s why the popular home screen often takes into account the stories Google uses to deliver.

In the latest version of the new dynamic icons for Android 11, icons you can't wait for your phone to update (if you're lucky enough to receive an update).

After the update, if we go to Nova Launcher settings, within Appearance can reach the category of icon style.

In this menu we can select the icon format among all other available icon modes. The new icon options are:

    • History, Pebble y Vessel de Android 11.
    • Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon and Octagon as new options.

This new Nova Launcher is available to users of Nova Launcher Beta, a version that you can access by subscribing to the Google Play beta program, or it is also possible to try it without waiting by downloading the BETA 6.2.14 APK file from the official website from the developer.

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