Alba: a wildlife adventure

Ustwo Games, developer of one of the best games for mobile devices in recent years, Monument Valley, has just officially launched a new title, although this time it’s only available in Apple Arcade. I’m talking about Alba: a wildlife adventure.

This new title of Ustwo, develops in a An island teeming with flora and fauna that invites players to explore it with Alba

, the protagonist of this title, who becomes an activist of nature. After helping a dolphin washed up on the beach and with the help of her grandfather’s friend Inés, they founded a league for the protection of wildlife.

This title takes place on a Mediterranean island where Alba’s grandparents live. Throughout the game, the protagonist you will discover idyllic beaches at the castle dominating the city.

What Alba offers us: an animal adventure

  • Essential soundtrack. As usual in the titles of this developer, the music that accompanies us during the game is a very important part. On this occasion, they had Spanish Lorena Álvarez
    to compose it.
  • A paradise in which to get lost. If we love nature We will enjoy each of the landscapes and areas that we can visit with Alba.
  • An example of reason. The little ones in the house will appreciate this title for they will learn to value nature
    , fauna and flora, aspects which they cannot often have the opportunity to take advantage of because they cannot be in contact with it.

To be able to enjoy this title you must, yes or yes, pay the subscription of 4.99 dollars per month to Apple Arcade. If you haven’t used the trial period yet, this Christmas may be a good time to do itespecially if you have young children at home.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (AppStore link)

Alba: a wildlife adventure

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