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Now you can Download MIUI 12 Global Stable Beta for these Xiaomi



Now you can Download MIUI 12 Global Stable Beta for these Xiaomi

MIUI 12 is one of Xiaomi's software releases. In addition to having the Android version that changes in the middle, it includes many new features both in beauty and performance, but most importantly, speed. Immediately after the release, the beta versions are already tested and we can download the stable version for the first mobiles.

As Xiaomi announced, the first mobiles to update the MIUI 12 will do so at the end of June. This stable beta is about to be an exact version, being a precursor of our expectations.

The first wave of updates to MIUI 12 is starting to arrive

As noted on XDA Developers, Xiaomi has begun the process of updating to MIUI 12 worldwide. As the company noted, there will be a first wave of updates that would come to the end of June

, but it seems to have ended the anticipation of the first days of the month.

Now you can Download MIUI 12 Global Stable Beta for these XiaomiXiaomi Mi 9T, one of the first phones to receive the MIUI 12.

This first wave included Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20 and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro. All of these phones now have an update available for download on the MIUI page, although it's important to have a MIUI account installed on your phone, as well as knowing the process.

When will the update be available to everyone? Because of the days provided by Xiaomi

and the time it took to get the update to everyone, the company will be able to plan for continuous shipping throughout the month, ensuring that when a last-minute error is detected, it will affect the least number of potential users. The stable beta version is one step ahead of the final version, so in a matter of weeks it should be accessible to everyone.

  • Xiaomi Mi 9:
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20:
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro:

  1. Settings interface.
  2. Super Wallpaper.
  3. Tracking.
  4. Monitor improved sleep.
  5. The MIUI 12 has the ability to make phone calls.
  6. New multitasking with floating windows.
  7. Lots of privacy.
  8. Hidden plan permission.
  9. Data removal for photos.
  10. Notifications when an app records or receives it.
  11. New use of time.

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