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One would think that installing 800 euros on a Mac Pro on a boat was a good idea




Mac Pro Skateboard Wheels Wheels

If you know the world of Apple you will surely know that the company introduced the new Mac Pro a few months ago, and everything around this device has been controversial and viral. First it was a design, which could be used to wrap cheese, then the base price of your screen, costing over $ 1,000, and finally its wheels are expensive, which you can share with the iPhone as its price exceeds that of the company's latest iPhone 11.

Throughout this debate, someone thought that those wheels must be fine and decided to steer them install them on your skateboard instead of Mac Pro. And then, with the whole process allowed, are these wheels working properly on a skateboard?

The most expensive wheels have ever been put on a skateboard

In case you didn't know, the Mac Pro wheels are expensive. Of course enter a stunning design with a center hole, but I don't think it's something anyone can use on their Mac Pro. They are for sale in the Apple Store at a price of 849 euros, which is a real luxury as there are many expensive computers.

Due to its high price youtubers

They decided to buy them and show them to the public, few would be able to reach them. Now called a skateboard station Braille Skateboarding have you triedUse as skateboard wheels, and in case you were wondering, no, they are not good options.

The wheels of the Mac Pro very heavy with this kind of use, not to mention they rotate in all directions, so if you put them on the board screen you can't do all those tricks you know, you'll fall over and over again.

Despite the humor, it is shown in the video that the Mac Pro wheels are quite resistant, even though they jump and fall, the wheels remain intact. In addition, the screw that binds them to the board breaks many times, but the wheels remain intact.


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