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OnePlus 8 Pro can see "through clothes and plastic




When analyzing the OnePlus 8 Pro, one of the few problems we found with the latest OnePlus device was the fact that have an input camera in its advanced system, which OnePlus called a "color filter camera," which did not seem to add the value of the photographic experience over the phone. Thus: maybe we were wrong.

In the last few hours, social media has been flooded with pictures showing how this camera is able to detect certain objects, including some nice clothing and plastic.

Subtle "X-ray" mode on OnePlus 8 Pro

Oneplus 8 pro camera

At the launch, OnePlus explained that the fourth sensation included in the background program the device was used for install art filters in real time photos and all the other cameras. However, within the filter catalog found in the camera app, the so-called “Photochrom” is introduced, which works exactly like infrared camera.

And it is the reason this camera is "see" in some places small, or built using useless materials. As explained in TechPP, the device's color correction camera does not have an infrared filter that other cameras have, so this sensor cannot install not only light from the display, and infrared, Its rays can penetrate to a greater extent than visible light, making visible objects, with naked eyes, invisible, as soon as they are caught using this camera.

When the IR enters the top of the plastic and is suspended by the internal parts of the remote, it emits a shadow of what is in front of it, which in this case is the electronic circuit and batteries. So, what you see on the camera is a photo produced by IR light that comes off as an image of the below.

Leaving aside more or less scientific reasons or explanations, the truth is the results are surprising to say the least. Various tests have shown how it is possible to "see" the interior of certain electronic devices, such as Oculus controllers or Apple TVs. Later, the result is even more amazing.

But there is more. At the same ports AndroidPit they were able to confirm how this camera is able to “see” through other types of fabrics, and as a result you may be looking for less than clothes on some level. On the other hand, we ourselves have been able to see how ** the camera separates metal from other objects to some extent, and how it can do it makes the colored liquid invisible.

OnePlus 8 Pro camera, IR radiation

Surprisingly, at the launch of this device, OnePlus didn't spend a few minutes talking about the capacity of this fourth sensor. "Make some things visible", and that it was almost a month after its launch when device users found it on their own. It will be worth noting that, in the future, some manufacturers decide to join this practice and provide their own phones with this type of sensor.

Picture | XDA Developers

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