Got a message in recent weeks that reminded you to use Apple TV + trial time? Used it? A trial period that allows us to enjoy Apple TV for free for 1 year, as long as we've bought a new machine since last September. Surprisingly, even with Apple giving us one year for free, some American commentators say that Only 10% of eligible users in the free trial year used it

. After the jump we tell you more about these figures.

And the fact is that the details are worrying considering the Cupertino boys competition is increasingly streaming video. According to the American media there is three possible reasons why Apple TV + is so poorly received

Without a free year:

  • L is availableApple may not have successfully promoted Apple TV + without having 1.5 billion devices eligible for this increase.
  • Apple would have deliberately made the promotion reducing the negative impact of users who decide to leave the service.
  • Apple TV + does not present itself
    , probably because of its limited catalog, unlike the launch of Disney + (which compared to gaining 10 million subscribers in 1 day, without offering a two-week free trial compared to the year provided by Apple).

We'll see if Apple gets more users based on new additions to the catalog, a catalog that even promises to be big stars should compete with Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and the new Disney +. Good competitors to tackle great content and especially with great promotions,