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OPPO Design Get X2 Lite filtered before launch




The same month a new OPPO was introduced, with two models in it: the Find X2 and the X2 Pro. China's product has also left the high-end, with 5G and Ultra fast charging, leaving its rivals far too close. back. It looks like the firm is following the example of products such as Huawei, because there will be a more compact model that fits the range, is about OPPO Get X2 Lite.

This OPPO Get X2 Lite can be a modest model, but that will have some features similar to other models. The design of this phone has already been revealed, showing what the model will look like, which is expected to appear soon.

Filter design

Unlike the top two phones, OPPO Find X2 Lite will leave us with it a very common design. It would bet on a notch screen in the form of a waterfall in this case, a design that we will continue to see a lot, especially mid-range on Android.

When there are some surprises behind him, where we can see four cameras

, edited vertically. It's amazing, because the high end comes "only" with three cameras in the background. Along with these cameras we get an LED flash. In addition there is talk of Ultra Steady, indicating that this phone will also have the video stability we have seen on several OPPO phones so far. The fingerprint sensor is invisible, so it may be at the bottom of the screen, so you may be using an AMOLED panel.

Unfortunately The specification of this OPPO Get X2 Lite is unknown. Nothing is known about the exact date this phone will be unveiled, though, but is expected to be soon. In any case, we hope that the product will confirm more details about this device soon, which will expand its Find X2 range further.


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