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Oprah talks about the coronavirus in her free Apple TV + series




These days the national news agenda focuses on one topic: the coronavirus, and many have used the situation to help educate on the topic of the virus. and care to be taken to prevent the disease.

One of those people is Oprah, who through her free show & # 39; Oprah Talks COVID-19 & # 39; available on Apple TV +, you will have remote conversations with the leaders and people affected by COVID-19 itself.

The series, first announced by the presenter on his official Twitter account

, explores the sheer amount of stress and uncertainty that others may have during the current coronavirus disaster. As a result of remote discussions, the purpose of the series is to help generate hope and knowledge among viewers during difficult times.

"How can we deal with adversity when we hold on to ourselves and our humanity? and practical advice of the human spirit

", shows the program description.

The first episode is now available for free


The first episode of the series features a lengthy conversation between Oprah and actress Idris Elba and his wife, Sabrina Dhowre. The character was diagnosed with COVID-19 and lives in isolation with his family.

& # 39; Oprah Speaks COVID-19 & # 39; is available for free and without Apple TV + subscriptions. App company streaming service is available through ourseApple TVourse app on iPhone, iPad, AppApple TV, Mac, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and select TVs on Samsung, LG, Sony with Vizio, and online at


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