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Most of us are still booked for accommodation (in Spain starting our 23rd day), and ending the week when the introduction of the so-called "iPhone 9" seemed imminent. We'll have to wait a few more days, where we will do something traditional every Saturday and review all their comments are in other news sources about Apple's current. We start our own thing.

  • My colleagues from Xataka are talking about it the effects of the purchase of Dark Sky by Apple, and that at Comertino they are not the only ones cutting the consensus when acquiring companies or services. They also talk about it at The Verge.
  • By the way, Xataka has personally issued a guide to its partners Windows and Windows
    , teaching you how to maximize integration between both platforms.
  • At Verge they talk about the positive touch from Apple during these difficult times for all users Apple card– You can skip the April payments without interest.
  • At MacStories we have an interesting article that talks about opportunities Use the iPad Pro as the sole end of the machine
    : desktop, laptop and tablet.
  • From Genbeta they present their good and bad ideas when you use them external mouse with iPadOS 13.4.
  • At AppleInsider they have a video there Compare the 2017 iPad Pro with the new 2020 model:

  • At MacRumors they do another comparison, but this time in between the new MacBook Air and the new iPad Pro To see the biggest difference in focus between each app:

  • And if you want to simply skip the news for the new iPad Pro, at 9to5Mac they have the full video:

  • Since Xataka they have also received an intimate launch of AirTags, so they are updating the video with all the rumors that the rumors have surfaced:

  • We leave you with our latest video, the live delay that our partner Pedro Aznar keeps interview with Victor Abarca with the current status of Apple and Víctor Abarca:


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