Overcast is being updated with the new Voice Boost 2 and AirPlay 2 support 1

Podcasts are becoming more popular, sound systems have their origins in the radio but, with video streaming, it's now much easier to listen to radio programs when they're needed. But this is not new, Podcasts have been with us for a long time, we already have Podcasts on iPods. Today we want to talk about it Overcast, one of the most popular Podcast listening apps, has been updated with the new VoiceBoost 2 and AirPlay 2 support.

The exciting thing is that this is new Voice Boost 2 is able to improve the sound of Podcasts by attacking the pressure of I am and improving their rating, something very exciting especially when you think about that many podcasters they are extending radios with a completely unresolved quality, or servers used in many cases also distribute sound at high pressure. We also now support AirPlay 2, Apple's wireless transmission enhancements.

Voice Boost is a combination of strong pressure and symmetry that can make many programs listen to and listen to volume across systems. (…) Voice Boost 2 achieves the same goal as Original Voice Boost, but in more sophisticated ways, resulting in more consistent results and better audio quality.

The best of all of these is that Overcast is a free app, you have the opportunity to use the premium system that allows us remove advertising from the app for 9,99 euros per year, but all other features, including Voice Boost 2 and AirPlay 2, can be used for free. If you're a Podcast buyer, I recommend you try this version of Overcast, there is an application world beyond Apple's native Podcast app.