The steps we normally take to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on people are welcome. From this we find that PayPal, one of the world's highest paid platforms, joined the idea of ​​helping small and medium-sized businesses that suffer the most from this shortage. Despite the fact that payment cards are very popular in Spain, any idea is welcome and PayPal has decided to help the world in its own way. Any company or store can use a QR code to charge customers with PayPal.

Those entrepreneurs will be able to create a QR code through the PayPal system that will allow them to pr int and place it anywhere in the store when they see fit. Users simply scan the QR code to enter the amount they have to pay and make the transaction instantly.

The chances of fraud or security are very small as they are done at the same time, they can be guaranteed by both parties (thus providing a matching ticket) and no personal information is transmitted. The same approach that has been used in China for years is, in fact, used more than the use of cards there.

At that time, PayPal announced that SMEs would be able to take full advantage of this payment until September 13. No payment or commission type will be charged for the transaction, but note, from that date there will be a charge of 0.90% for the total transaction and € 0.10 for each purchase. It's quite high when looking at the rates offered by data banks, but as of now, any other charges other than physical contact are acceptable for business and customers.