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Photoshop camera app update with carousel for new features



Photoshop camera app update with carousel for new features

Photoshop has provided its smartphone camera application to fix the face after a long time without doing so, adding several new jobs that make it more attractive.

So, relying on artificial intelligence, Adobe is looking for this update image style based on what we can find on the scene.

Recent update v1.1. focuses on the purpose of photography, but adds other features such as enabling switch between cameras or install a timer. These options are already available in dozens of other apps that go to the mobile camera, but it's still important for Adobe to add now and finish an attractive and effective user application.

Debugging and other issues

Apart from the above, version v1.1. of the app enhances Sensei's ability to get lessons accurately in difficult light environments. It also supports five new languages ​​(Korean, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) and the details are refined to improve the overall performance of the program.

As for other much-needed development, that of timer, there are three options: no countdown (quick start), 3 seconds wait and 10 seconds. These options are enough for the average user who wants to use this app as a great camera to customize photos directly.

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