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Play Parcheesi, Free and Online: a trend that draws again




At this point of separation, our Android phone becomes a great participant, which you can browse through, use all kinds of applications or gaming, over time. There is a huge amount of games available for phones, many of which have been modified with versions of old board games. And it's presented as a great option for this kind of times, as is the case with Parcheesi STAR.

The board game we played all over Parcheesi, something we will also be able to do on our phone. This version of the Android game is presented as a simple, fun, fun game that can be set during these confinement hours, which sometimes gets overwhelming.

Android Parcheesi

Parcheesi STAR is a version of an old game that syncs with our phone. We have the same board as it always does, with your chips and we'll have to move the dice, so we can move on between the spots, eat our opponent's chips and win. Nothing has changed in the way it works. So you will have no problems playing it.

In this version of the game we want to play online, even though we will and play against friends or family

, which is one of the things that can make it fun, if you live alone for several people. Up to four people will be able to play in one game, which can help make it more fun. It can be played individually or in pairs. Also, you can get everyone to download the game to their phone and create a room where they can play.

If you select the option to create a table, which is in the Start menu, you will have it code to share with your friends or relatives, posting the same via WhatsApp, for example. Since they already have the game installed, they will be able to click on this link and the table you created will open.

At the games in Parcheesi STAR we have a discussion, which makes it very interesting. Commenting on a game, making a joke, or putting an opponent on someone if they have lost something to do in the discussion. Games become more fun, and evoke the feeling of playing everything together, as in the past. An interesting game.

It's easy to use

The interface of this version of Parcheesi is very simple. Controls are easy at all times, when it comes to rolling the dice, the menus within the game do not present any problems with their functionality, so we can easily move between them or within games.

There is a user profile, where we can see the games we played, how much we won and lost, well above our level. As we play we will be able to see how we came about. In game settings We also have the opportunity to use or deactivate music, vibrations, notifications and more, in each flavor.

In short, the Parcheesi genre is very different from the original board game, but that in this case we will be playing from our Android phone. Simple controls, easy to use too you can help us at a time like this, where we have to lock the house. If you want to spend the fun of having fun with family or friends, it's a great option.

How to download it on Android

Parcheesi STAR is a game we can download Android for free. Inside is a purchase, through which we can find gems, which give us a death roll in exchange, something that can help when we are about to win the game, or once we get an unlucky roll. Although it is an option at all times, it ranges from 1.09 to 78.99 euros in price. Can be downloaded from this link:

Parcheesi STAR


Play Parcheesi, Free and Online Entry: a trend that attracts and first appears on The Free Android.


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