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Listening to music alone is normal when using a mobile phone, however, and we may share it with when we meet. And the provision of detention, it would not be so choices share music until you can all hear the same song? Well Spotify already made it possible to feature for his party's new: comes with a recent review of the app.

Sharing a song with someone is a standard practice that all streaming platforms allow. But until now had to contact them, or the use of outside services platforms, to make sure that we all listen to the same song at the same time; The options for Spotify are embedded in your system with a new group: we listen to music all together and give you control over one play.

Spotify: music shared in real time

Section Spotify

ISpotify budging for one of the platforms to distribute a large number of users because they do not stop posting, or whether this is a powerful cell pause ekudalekeni service. But it is undeniable that they will continue The party's time apart from the people Is very appealing, especially in the past in which we live: you can share your music and listen to the music of others, at the same time; to have the option of providing the latest findings and to the music of others.

Check how the group's new leSotify? You need to follow the following procedure:

  • You must update your Spotify to the latest available version of the application. You can download the XAPK from Pure and insert it using UpToDown & # 39; s Installer.
  • If the latest version should open views compatible devices, the icon on the bottom right.
  • You will see a list of devices and your user code: I want you to share it with your music listeners. Those who study them need the latest version of yeSotify.
  • Everyone in the group to listen to the same song and be able to access his songs to the playlist.

To access the new group all participants must have a Premium neSpotify: This is a new feature to get ready for the free accounts. And if it does not appear despite being installed with the update you may have to wait: Spotify is running from the server side.

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