Coronavirus takes many priorities, most importantly the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world. However, at this point, different sectors of all genres suffer from the most unpleasant consequences we can imagine, while Netflix and Disney + servers are full of reality, there is another streaming service that faces some serious problems.

Podcasts dramatically reduce their number of views and total number of downloads. There are a few good reasons Podcasts suffer, we tell you.

Podcasts also had a COVID-19 problem 1

Initial data has begun to appear in the United States of America, a region with a special culture in this Podcasting. According to Podtrac, a podcast that captures audiences and weekly trips for Podcasts, We found that viewers were already down 10%, the biggest drop during the weekdays,

and does the web say that users and downloads of the week from sources such as Overcast continue to be the same. The reason for specifying this feature is clear, the commute is complete, and so is our attention on the Podcast.

Personally I am one of those, coming out of the house, picking my favorite podcast and taking the opportunity to listen to both of us on my way to and from work, This makes it more enjoyable and able to temporarily break from the awesome Sotify charts when I find myself becoming more and more uncomfortable. I take this opportunity to remind you that the Actualidad iPhone has its Podcast available on many platforms and you can listen to it one day a week, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can stay informed on their Telegram Channel (LINK) or follow us on networks.