Nintendo Home

Nintendo's popular game now has another point of purging its users and this is expensive Pokémon Home. This is a service in the popular Nintendo Switch concert cloud and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. In this case also quickly and easily explain what we can do with the new Pokémon Home to transfer your Pokémon between compatible games, switch to Pokémon whenever and whenever you want to thanks to a new smartphone and cloud service.

Logically there are two options, basic system and premium system from Pokémon Home. These plans are different and although the new Pokémon Home can be used at no cost, it is better to use a premium service that allows you to take full advantage, here are the prices and the difference between the two systems:

Price at Nintendo eShop (tax included) € 2.99 € 4,99 € 15,99
Premium system development Pokémon transfer from Pokémon bank Unavailable Available
The volume of Pokémon 30
The ability of the production box 3
GTS capacity 1
Group Exchange Participate Participate and build teams
The function of the Judge Unavailable Available

Nintendo personally explains that these values ​​may be subject to change, but actually the initial values ​​are just that. The operating system of our iPhone must be on iOS 9 or higher to enjoy this new service and you can see more details about the service on Nintendo's official website.