airpods pro

One of the options we have on iOS is to adjust the volume of our headphones (regardless of brand) to protect our ears. In that sense, I’m sure many of you are already familiar with this option, but never before have made a similar opinion or leap. Adjusting this protection is simple and you just have to go settings of our iPhone and go to the sound and vibration options


This is to receive notifications from the headset

Ear protection

With this, we make sure to protect our ears when listening to audio with headphone sound for a long time, a long time may harm them and so The system alerts us in case we are exposed to this damage.

In some countries these notifications cannot be turned off, but in our country they can be turned on and off. For this, as we saw above, we simply need to access the Settings> Sounds and vibrations> Headset security

. At this point we will see our exposure to loud sounds with headphones and the warnings received.

We can activate this function up to 100 decibels and it is curious what it shows us or the example it makes of each of the decibels that we raise. It starts like the sound of a vacuum cleaner with 75 dB and ends like the sound of an ambulance siren with 100 dB. Setting this option can protect our ears when we listen to music through our headphones and it is hearing is something that we lose over the years and it does not get better.