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Re-send deleted messages, filter notifications and much more with this complete application.




With FilterBox, the newest Android app, you can manage all your notifications to control them in the millimeter. For example, you have the option of sorting notifications so they do not appear, retrieving lost, viewing graphs and times on days when multiple notifications arrive with your favorite activity: FilterBox allows you to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp or from the Phone.

Notifications on Android is a tool that not only lets you know what's going on in the apps, it also opens the door to program management or responses without installing the apps. Yes, having multiple notifications causes us to fail more than one priority. Because we made a mistake when we removed them or because we removed them all at the same time, for example. To delete a priority now that you can't find? The FilterBox system will help you a lot because it keeps a record of all notifications, lets you filter, read deleted messages and retrieve them in the notification panel. Everything has a carefully curated display including dark mode.

Swiss Army Knife for Notifications

Filterbox Notifications for controls

It's not that controlling notifications from Android is impossible as the system provides notification management for each app and has access to (hidden something) from every notification log. However, these tools are not very comfortable or built in one place, which makes their control difficult. Exactly the opposite of what happens with FilterBox: this app is designed makes managing notifications on the device much easier.

The app was made recently and works great, as we confirmed on our smartphones. If installed, and after granting permission for storage and access to notifications (compulsory, of course), FilterBox will monitor all notifications received by phone to track notifications. This means we can see all the records, access alerts per request and also read a set of messages received from one app. And this helps a lot since, because you have all the notifications registered, FilterBox allows reading of deleted messages on WhatsApp or Telegrams, for example.

Filterbox Notifications for controls FilterBox lets you see deleted WhatsApp messages (left)

The FilterBox display is very good, and very attentive. It has a large number of settings, allows for 30 day notice keeping so that you don't lose anything important, it provides different usage charts, enables the recovery of deleted notifications if they were all deleted at the same time and we can filter alerts by name, programs or rules, for example. In short: FilterBox enables almost complete control of notifications on Android, with all of these suggestions.

Filterbox Notifications for controls

Do you want to test it on your device? The app already exists in the Google Play Store. It's a free download app that you have 90 day trial; with in-app purchases of 4,29 euros allowing for the use of life. Ad-free and uses the necessary permissions: storage and notifications.




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Smith M

Much more powerful than the native notification management feature within Android itself.


Hey, yeah, it works great.



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