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Ready to play Pokémon GO in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine




Pokémon GO Xiaomi Black Shark 2

Pokémon GO It's a mobile theme designed for users to opt out. However, Niantic's star play has just announced a series of the ways users should play at home the period of separation of coronavirus, a deadly epidemic that continues to spread over time that has forced millions to stay home. Beyond that, there is someone who has decided go out to play Pokémon GO during solitary confinement and you are fined.

That's good Recently, viruses have proliferated on social media, shared by D. Silva Costa on her Twitter account, and when it was properly informed that a 77-year-old man had been fined for disobeying the authority been on "Pokémon Road Hunting". As we mentioned, Pokémon GO is a mobile game whose users use their city streets to search for packets, something it is strictly forbidden, because you can leave the home only to buy and go to the pharmacy, in addition to taking the dog away.

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Although he didn't leave the house during the Alarm State, the 77-year-old was playing Pokémon GO on the street in Madrid. Police rushed to the man, thought to be unaware that he could walk, and was charged when he found them "Defeat of authority based on R.D. 463/2020 by Alarm Status by COVID-19"

, as you can read the virus code, which you have under these same lines.

Ready to go out to hunt Pokémon during detention

Niantic's star work knows what is happening in the world, and they know that coronavirus, a catastrophic pandemic that has forced many countries to establish solitary settlements, it will be a hindrance so that players can enjoy the title. Just a few days ago, the Pokémon GO team even used its social networks to raise awareness of the importance of staying home, to keep it "The safety of your global coaching community" and other people


To make the title accessible during the split, Niantic's work has taken several steps where players will be able to enjoy a real-life theme based on the successful use of the Nintendo franchise in their homes these days, for at least the next two weeks.

Thus, you can continue to enjoy Pokémon GO without the need to go outside during coronavirus isolation. If you don't have any other projects to do at home, you can always catch that series and the movies you are in platforms like Netflix, take the opportunity to exercise, call your loved ones or read a book.

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