Apple Wearables

In 2015 I released my first Apple Watch. I taught it to my friends, my brothers, and they undoubtedly looked at me, like a weirdo, "technology geek and his new toy," they thought. My brother's comment when they saw it was: "I'll never have one of these, I know so much on my cellphone that I'm something else."

Today my brother uses the Samsung Gear at all hours, and some of my acquaintances and relatives wear the Apple Watch. It is expensive to start, but the truth is more recently the Apple Watch is on the road. It's fashionable and Apple is already reaping the fruits it planted during its launch in 2015.

Apple's revenue for apparel, home and accessories exceeds Macs revenue for the first time this quarter of 2020, up from $ 7 billion. According to Tim Cook, Apple ran out of AirPods and the Apple Watch 3 series after last Friday in November and Christmas. They have increased the productivity of these devices, in order to provide all the requirements that exceed the company's expectations.

The company's earnings from Apple Watch sales set a new record this quarter. More than 75 percent of the customers of these purchases were new Apple Watch users. Both Apple Clock and AirPods have been a fashion gift for these holidays.

When you move on to Black Friday shopping, then in December there was a global economic break.

For the first time in history, revenue from corporate devices could be surpassed by earnings from sales of Macs. At present, Apple makes more money selling watches than computers. When Steve Jobs raises his head …