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TCL is not a well-known brand in the West, but some phones that have their own specifications and features, such as Nokia or BlackBerry models, may sound like we're used to. However, TCL's interest in markets outside of Asia is evident and has just introduced a battery of phones within the TCL 10L that has arrived. right in the center line of the commercial


We are talking about a phone that starts slightly above 200 euros and will soon break below these. Telephone with a a modest setup in some ways and aggressive in others, such as the number of cameras or the number provided by your RAM. Let's take a look at how this has worked out in our consideration of the TCL 10L.

TCL 10L, technical details



6.43 inch LCD
Average 19.5: 9
FullHD + configuration
2,340 x 1,080 pixels
More left drop


Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 @ 2GHz
Adreno 610 GPU


6GB / 64GB
6GB / 128GB
MicroSD up to 256GB

Rear cameras

48 megapixel f / 1.8
8 megapixel f / 2.2 wide angle 118º
2 megapixel f / 2.4 macro
2 megapixel f / 2.4 bokeh

Front camera

16 megapixel f / 2.2


4,000 mAh

Operating system

Android 10


WiFi 5
Bluetooth 5.0
USB C 2.0
Headphone jack

Size and weight

162.2 X 75.6 X 8.4 mm
180 grams


Fingerprint reader


229 euros on Amazon

TCL 10L - 6.53

TCL 10L – 6.53 "Smartphone with NXTVISION display technology (Octacore, RAM 6GB, 64GB internal memory, Quad Rear 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP camera, 16MP front camera)

Nice build but very fond of footwear

TCL 10L Review

The 6.43-inch screen and more than 16 inches in diameter, wouldn't be said to be particularly sophisticated, but the plastic body makes the feel comfortable and warm, something rarely found in glass, and pleasant to the hand. Mobile it weighs in at 180 grams and it was not weighed down at any time of use, even though its construction had a noticeable problem within a few minutes: the love of want.

The gloss effect of the back cover, at least the blue model we tested, is constructive Resist the short term clean which damages the design that, on the other hand, is used very well. We have a quad camera in the rear design, the fingerprint scanner is a bit off and the rest is clean, leaving the front in the same way without the front camera lubrication. The screen, by the way, has the same or very small fingerprint as on the back of the phone.

TCL 10L Review

On the right side we get all the traditional buttons, volume buttons and power button, while on the left side we have an input button called the & # 39; Smart key & # 39; which we can fix. The upper frame of the headphone jack (bad position, in our opinion) and the bottom of the USB Type-C port and the speaker. Really good design. It is good to say that the phone features a transparent silicone case improve durability and avoid dirt, though its stiffness interferes with the use of a fingerprint reader.

We talk a lot about foot drawings because it damages the make-up that would be so much better to take care of this feature

We have come to the screen and here it should be mentioned that the panel is an IPS LCD with FullHD + resolution which leaves the sensitivity very close to 400 pixels per inch, allowing us enough text and multimedia content. In addition, having a small cosmetic for the front camera makes videos, for example, look much wider on the phone since cosmetical is usually on the black line of movies and series.

TCL 10L Review

The screen offers excellent color, is slightly saturated but without irritation, and good viewing at angles calls for a mid-range model. We also have a nice light even on the outside, or the automatic adjustment tends to overheat the feature, and sometimes we will have to add some light to make it comfortable to read. Overall, a good screen for this TCL 10L, one of its strengths, as we will see later. Of course, double-tap to open the panel: always lovely.

Just before jumping into the performance section, the timing of the low-key speaker provides excellent sound, powerful and clear, and that's not a bad bass level. As a misconception, that distortion appears slightly before the peak when we take the volume up even with the standard audio sources, but end up at normal levels, below 80% of the maximum volume, the TCL 10L provides a great sound experience fine screen in the multimedia section.

Effective with a system that doesn't play well

TCL 10L Review

We are in our hands in the middle line of the economy but still standing 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage (expandable via microSD) as Snapdragon 665 feeds. At TCL they have selected a central processor for their device, one that runs at 2GHz and seems to do less than expected when dealing with different applications or applications. Above all, performance tests have been accompanied by other similar calls, so we highlight it in the program itself, which is less enlightened in these early stages of presentation.

The system, in fact, still has some flaws. We're talking about Android 10 running under the TCL UI, a custom layer for the manufacturer, and that give us occasional malfunctions. Shutdown applications are sudden, or rare, and the restart has sometimes forced us to reuse the "# 39; Key" & # 39; s previously mentioned. The key, by the way, can be customized. But still, it points to adjusting in the software category to improve the distance.

Symptoms Performance test on TCL 10L


OPPO A5 2020






Snapdragon 665

Snapdragon 665

Exynos 9610

Snapdragon 665

Snapdragon 665

Kirin 710















GEEKBENCH 5.0 (single / multiple)

310 / 1,009

312 / 1,306

347 / 1,338

310 / 1,329

308 / 1,341

317 / 1,282

3D Mark (Sling Shot)














Let's talk about the great performance, and here we find the expectations of the phone with its features, and the handling of the appliances, even the most aggressive, scary in the show section. Given the processor line and previous experience with other models, this is the Snapdragon 665 he is very well behaved in games with heavy animation such as Asphalt or Legends of Runeterra, something we enjoy because it partially reverses the "green" of the program itself installed on Android 10. It's convenient, a touch and some add-ons to the system that always help with its management.

The phone works according to expectations but it also works with heavy game surprises

We already have a back the fingerprint reader performs well in all situations, though he suffers less with wet fingers. And as we mentioned before, if we place a silicone case on the phone we will be able to get into it, so we recommend using face recognition when this happens, because it works quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the performance of a multitasking phone is quite good (6GB of RAM is pretty obvious) and that gives you a good feeling every day.

TCL 10L Review

We got on the battery, and here we expect something more from the internal 4000 mAh battery. Initially, because we don't have a fast charge, which makes the total charge go in about 2 hours. But perhaps the most "disappointing" one, which remains to date, is that we were unable to transfer the 6 hour screen to any test, the picture we were expecting above is powered by an internal battery.

Four cameras for everything in between

TCL 10L Review

The TCL 10L is aggressive in its camera configuration, at least depending on its price, even though the quad systems are one step closer to being unrecognizable at all market prices. Here we meet, for example, a 48 megapixels before all, with an f / 1.8 lens, and comes with an 8-megapixel f / 2.2 Ultra-wide angle, 2-megapixel f / 2.4 macro camera and another 2-megapixel depth camera with f / 2.4 lens. Now let's see how they act.

TCL 10L Camera app TCL 10L Camera app

Let's start with the camera app, very similar to many others we find in the market and that gives us a low-down menu (or a backdrop if we have the phone in a horizontal position) with which you can enter the picture mode, video recorder category, Super Macro mode or Pro mode, with a lot of control over all aspects of photography. We also have an extra menu that takes us to panoramas, slow motion and high resolution mode that efficiently uses 48 megapixels of the main camera. Let's remember that these cameras usually capture images at 12 megapixels at four pixels by.

The app is simple, intuitive and has just about everything you see, when it's almost always close

Usually, the application is very capable and intuitive. Virtually everything that is important is close, such as using various functions above (HDR, filters, aspect ratio, time travel, flash, settings), and the Wide-Angle image mode shown is unclear. next to the zoom (always electronic) with a curved image symbol. But as we mentioned, it is a capable app. Now let's move on to the pictures.

TCL 10L Review The main TCL 10L camera is really good even though it exudes colors, but as we can see, it has a very effective natural bokeh.

With enough light, the TCL 10L takes the right pictures with its main camera. We have described edges, good treatments for shadow areas and, generally, good results in vain the colors are too dim, possibly due to the treatment that limits account photos. This behavior is, in fact, reflected in all the sensors of the phone so it is actually a phone software when it comes to handling data obtained by different cameras.

TCL 10L Review From a broader perspective, the edges are "not too transferable" due to the lens effect that the software doesn't fix properly

We said this effect of Muted colors is displayed with all the senses and can be seen with the pictures super wide angle. The edges of the material are fine but the edges on the edges of the picture are not well adjusted, and this means that we have very poor results, thus providing an ineffective way to use them. It may be, it has happened to us, that we eventually forget that there is.

TCL 10L Review The macro works fine but its 2 megapixels doesn't give us anything.

The TCL 10L also includes macro photography with a specific lens for it, which takes 2 megapixel photos and whose effects we show you. Right images, no more, but maybe replacing this sensor with optical zoom would allow for more use of this extreme method. Like other similar phones, the 2-megapixel macro camera looks ridiculous, but the fashions are fashionable, and now that's all we have.

TCL 10L Review Image mode works well, edges are well marked as long as the layers are not too tight

In addition, there is a fourth camera for in-depth reading that allows us to have celebrities image mode. Blur is the software that, as we can see, in this TCL 10L behaves well even though it has some problems when the background has more layers than the count or when the edges of these layers are not well defined. Expected performance, and gains, is on the price line, though some manufacturers get better results in a process that is 100% software. The point of improvement.

TCL 10L Review The focus is on the night, the sound is immediate, and the light sources are maximized

When the light goes off, the TCL 10L shows a lot of searching. The sound comes from early in the morning and the light sources are very distorted. It must be acknowledged, however, that the shooting is usually fast so we have a small chance that the pictures will come out blunt or jittery. But low light performance is as expected, or maybe even worse than expected given the speed of sound. Another development point with software.

TCL 10L Review On the front camera we have Portrait mode with software

In the end, the selfies with this TPS 10L are good, without much, though here we find ourselves being treated badly by shadow areas. Front camera, 16 megapixels, has no good adjustment range and has problems with light to dark. However, the firing is quick, the edges are well defined and, apart from the low saturation of the colors, give a very acceptable effect. Or maybe we should ask for more on this camera.

As we have said on other occasions, it is better to have a few senses but to be more organized

Overall, the camera was supposed to stand out as it promises more of a final release. A large macro sensor seems unnecessary, as we have already mentioned, and the wide angle does not give the expected result. However, adjust images, without overlapping, in all cases. The camera would be better, and should, have clear points for improvement.

TCL 10L, a view of Xataka Android

TCL 10L Review

As we often note in this type of analysis, we must always remember that the TCL 10L is a phone that will go the distance of 200 euros, so the demand level must be consistent with this data. Having said that, we were expecting something extra from a high-quality but often unparalleled phone. The camera and construction take precedence over everything else.

The screen and design stand out above the other gray areas

We got a good design and a great screen, both of them having a great love for the footage we leave behind while being used and complementing the experience, in addition to the perfect phone look. The system still has flaws, which is disturbing to manage that on the other hand it is water most of the time It's especially amazing in the graphics section. It also has great sound even though the battery is very gray in terms of volume and which should give it extra independence.

And finally, a flexible camera in accordance with its possibilities but that fail to excel I don't turn gray. Perhaps reducing the number of sensors and policing their performance would increase the photographic note, as well as the average, phone that most users would use when meeting their budget, although it wouldn't be too big in the face of fierce competition in this regard. the market dress.




to work7.5




You like

  • The screen is excellent, and the perforation is an effective extension of the viewing area.
  • The feeling of plastic, despite its dirtiness: is always lovely.
  • The power of graphics is amazing for a well-known processor.


  • The layer on Android 10 still has things to paint.
  • The camera team is very gray and overweight.
  • Finger treatments are not and are they not expected?

The terminal is borrowed for TCL analysis. You can question our business relationship policy.


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