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Rumors about Apple's wireless charger return




AirPower has turned it around, without a doubt, in Apple's relentless acquisition. Following its announcement in 2017, the official launch of 2018 and the subsequent cancellation in 2019, now rumors about its return. Apple was going to redo the project to restart an accessory that has been very resistant to him.

The return of a great idea you couldn't do (so far)

AirPower and iPhone XS

Although there are many wireless chargers on the market, none do it the same way as Apple's original concept. More than that allow charging of up to three devices In different positions, it had a good notification system. Now, there are new rumors that are putting the Apple supplement on the table too.

Jon Prosser is one of the people who announced the introduction of new products last week. Prosser was present to discuss leaks

in other products with relative accuracy and recently started with Apple. It's still early to put more weight on, but it's worth keeping on the radar.

In that Twitter thread, he points out that there is no guarantee that the company will launch the product. They are in the middle initiation phase, although not one of them currently supports the Apple Watch. Charging an Apple Watch at the same time is a major problem right now, but it has no intention of turning it on without its support. This may be the reason why they will re-install it in the first place.

The funny thing about the AirPower comeback is that Ming-Chi Kuo also mentioned this acquisition a few weeks ago. However he did not name her, but as a small "wireless charger". It is possible to refer to current protein without the support of the apple clock.

AirPower, is this dead man really alive?

AirPower and various devices

As we said, AirPower was announced in September 2017 and do it together for the first iPhone with wireless charging. In addition to charging the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, AirPower is also compatible with the Apple Watch case and the AirPods & # 39; wireless case.

Apple was confident enough to continue to feature alongside these products. However, its release date is postponed to the world in 2018. At that time, we see little clues here and there that showed that while it was delayed, Apple was still working on it.

The download was seen in mid-March for iOS 12,2 beta. The next day, a picture of charging mat and iPhone XS and new AirPods 2. Still, to the surprise of many, Apple officially announced the cancellation of AirPower at the end of the same month of March.

The decision too much me no one expected. As expected just rumors about the return of AirPower. We'll see how this all ends.


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