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Safari on iOS 14 will have a translator and better support for Apple Pencil



Safari on iOS 14 will have a translator and better support for Apple Pencil

With the launch of iOS 14 within a few days, news has begun to be revealed about what the upcoming version of the Apple app will bring us and the devices that it will partner with have been confirmed. Some shared features are included better support for Apple Pencil and Safari integrated version.

Based on an earlier version of iOS 14 acquired by 9to5Mac, Apple will consider installing a translator in Safari to allow users translate web pages without using or set-aside. With regard to the development of For Apple Pencil, this will include full support for website installation

, being more useful for moving and touching.

It's near and close to new verification in iOS 14!

Apple's techniques in the next version of iOS will allow users to perform machine translation. Safari will acquire the language to translate the content properly. There is also an opportunity to switch between the original text and the translated text without reloading the page.

In light of this innovation, it is believed that Safari could be the start of the expansion for Apple that has organized the entire system. They have since found evidence that translation option is also being tested with other apps, such as the App Store. In this case, iOS was translating app descriptions and user reviews if they were written in another language.

In the same pictures, Apple's special media also found that IPadOS 14 It can include full support for Apple Pencil installations on websites, supported not only by scrutiny and touch, but also draw and tag with all its capabilities in Safari and other browsers.

The iOS 14 presentation is just around the corner. It will finally be June 22 there WWDC 2020 Apple will confirm all possible upgrades at the software level next year.

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