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Samsung confirmed the case of a coronavirus in one of its industries




Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, wallpapers

This weekend, Samsung He had to close one of his smartphone-making plants in the city of Gumi in South Korea. The reason? A confirmed coronavirus case that affected one of the plant's workers.

The decision to interrupt the operation of the plant was particularly critical, as it is one of the industry's most designed the manufacture of the company's premium grade devices

, like the new Planet Z Flip.

However, according to the latest news from Korea, all suggesting that this temporary closure would not affect production Gallery Z Flip or Golden Fold – both of these cameras are manufactured from the plant – and the company itself wants to repeat it in a statement posted to the media. In addition, the reopening of the plant is scheduled for this Monday, February 24th.

Samsung is temporarily shutting down one of its industries for a coronavirus trial


When it found that one of its employees might have contracted the disease, the company urged all plant members to wear a breathing mask, in addition to reducing the number of home trips, and instead videoconference for conducting meetings and discussions.

The infected worker knows that is a member of the "wireless" division used in smartphones. Unfortunately, her current health status is unknown.

In any case, it all proves that, except for this unexpected event, everything will work normally from Monday, when the operation of the plant will resume, before the following day 25 work at the plant site where a member of the infected group resumes work.


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