IPhone 13, in September 2021

The arrival of 120 Hz oled panels for the next iPhone model would be exclusive to Samsung Display. South Korean company it looks like it was done with the manufacturing total according to some reports leaked by The Elec. Logically this news remains to be officially confirmed and we do not really know if they will share manufacturing with LG or other firms, but everything indicates that this will not be the case.

At the moment, the iPhone 13 with this type of screen called LTPO OLED seems to be exclusively provided by Samsung Display.

On the iClarified site, they echo this news which only seems valid for most of the Top teams of the next iPhone 13 Pro, that is to say the Max. As with the iPad Pro models launched this year, the Cupertino company only adds the mini-LED panel on the 12.9-inch models, so something similar would happen with those. OLED displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz for the best models of the iPhone 13 Pro


As you can read on this site, Samsung Display will supply Apple with 110 million OLED panels this year for iPhones, while LG Display will occupy around 50 million screens and BOE will ultimately manufacture around 9 million. It is true that Samsung reportedly even considered quitting the RFPCB manufacturing business last year due to its non-profitability, but thanks to high-end iPhone 13 Pro models this type of panel will continue to be manufactured.