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Samsung explains how the Samsung Galaxy S20 will store your IDs securely



Samsung explains how the Samsung Galaxy S20 will store your IDs securely

Attempts to manage IDs on mobile phones have been rampant since the beginning of Smartphones, although now the idea is that the idea is beginning to mature and become physical. Without further ado, in Germany it will happen carry ID on Samsung Galaxy S20 before the end of the year.

The partnership between Samsung, the German State Office for Information Security, the Bundesdruckerei and Deutsche Telekom Security has resulted in a digital identification system that meets the strict security requirements of Germany and Europe. It will be released later in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Three-step registration

Samsung Galaxy S20 no early devices meet security requirements set by the German security authorities for the preservation of digital identity certificates, which provide greater security “security” in accordance with European eiDAS rules The law seeks to ensure that EU citizens can use their digital IDs in various countries.

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The main asset of the Samsung Galaxy S20 to ensure this protection is the last eSE included, keep private information separately such as ID cards or credit cards alone as safe. In the future, Samsung guarantees that over-the-counter facilities will be introduced through this security program.


The registration process for this digital ID will be much easier to operate in Germany. Terminals with NFC will be able to start registration by contacting DNI after entering and entering a PIN code. It is possible to do it without NFC, you have a photo on the ID.

Then came the opportunity for a documentary business, namely you must verify the legitimacy of the document. Document delivery is encrypted, so that only the device and device, the Samsung Galaxy S20, can access the content. After approval, the ID is stored in a secure mobile storage and can be accessed through the official app

Additional security measures


Samsung Galaxy S20 secure storage, SE, built with a series of additional safety features protect the intruder from accessing his or her identity documents, whether physical access to the airport.

Some of these protections are at least curious, such as using them the senses detect that someone is trying to deceive you eSE chip, generation of unprotected buttons or the fact that it hides battery and radiation use to prevent cooks from using this information to access data.

In the meantime, this security with a CC EAL 6+ certificate will be used to store German IDs, or, in accordance with EIDAS requirements, Samsung is hopeful that other member states will join the initiative use a regular digital ID, mobile.

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