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ShareMe, Xiaomi's system for sharing all file types between Android and computer




How to export a file to any Android or share it with a computer? Android offers an endless number of applications, but you may not know that you can use Xiaomi program: ShareMe. Heir to the Mi Drop, this MIUI app is suitable for just about any Android, and also for computers. And it works well.

MIUI is one of the custom layers with its many functionality. Its interface, gallery app, camera app, browser, audio and recorder, calculator, music player, file manager … This way, even long etcetera. Y some of those programs aren't limited to the Xiaomi cellThey also offer dozens of options on other devices. The web browser is an example, and with its file sharing program: ShareMe. Never used it before? Let's take a look at what it can offer you.

Share what you want without the need for an Internet connection

Sending files

The good thing about ShareMe is that you don't need an internet connection to share files: the app can include access point to submit apps, songs, documents

and other files on other mobile phones, tablets and computers. All in a simple way: just click the & # 39; Find & # 39; or # 39; Send & # 39; t perform any single action. Choose the opposite from another phone and you can submit your desired in seconds.

Xiaomi's ShareMe is a file manager that can share many great things with or without WiFi. Once you've selected a file to send to one phone, then after clicking find in another, ShareMe will find two nearby devices for establishing communication and exchange

. In the case of unavailability, the application allows capturing a QR to prepare for connection; all with a simple, fast and secure process for getting started and forwarding yourself. In fact, and unless the devices can't find each other, the shipment will not be launched until users have accepted it.

Sending files Left, young posting; right, mobile gets

Shipping is faster because WiFi is used and not Bluetooth (both on a local network and on a mobile access point). ShareMe lets you transfer any file to your phone, even the installed programs. It also allows easy access to the desktop device because of the option to & # 39; Connect with the computer & # 39 ;: The mobile phone enables FTP connection (it may be, at your own risk) with all you have to do is connect from a desktop browser to access all files from the phone.

Sending files

ShareMe is an extremely wide exchange application, mainly due to the robustness and variety of connections. From sending files with QR code to nearby devices activate the exchange portal for everything you want to transfer, the opportunities are huge. You can also summarize the downloads, ShareMe is very comprehensive. In addition, it is ad-free and works on all Android, it does not need to be Xiaomi.

If you haven't used the app yet, and want another way for customized applications like Google Files, ShareMe is a complete and versatile appPerfect as a Swiss Army knife when you delete files.




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