200 million users a month want music with Shazam

Shazam is a company that lets you find a song you listen to in just one second of analysis. Apple has integrated all of its algorithmic formats into iOS 14.2 by integrating the widget into the control center for faster music search. Additionally, search using its available algorithm asked Siri

about a song you listened to.

The company announced its arrival at 200 million active users every month i want at least one song all that time. However, both iOS 14.2 and Siri are not part of Shazam’s statistical structure, so in reality the number of active users will increase by looking at the integration of these platforms.

Enjoy, Shazam has created 100 of his most wanted songs on Apple Music, how could it be otherwise. Among the ten most sought after songs we have hit songs such as Dance Monkey by Tones And I, Prayer In C by Robin Schulz, Let Her Go by Passenge or Wake Me Up by Avicii. If you want to check this list, you should search for it in the Apple Music search engine or click on the link above.