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Should Apple introduce the iPad Pro mini?



Should Apple introduce the iPad Pro mini?

Let's move on to 2015, right through to September. So, we're expecting the launch of the new iPhone, as always, but, in a special classic event, Apple surprises us with the announcement of a completely revolutionary iPad. Aside from the concept of the advanced tablet that was used at the time, those from Copertino gave us the opportunity to continue on a wider screen and with greater power than ever before.

With it, we have also found new ways to use that up until then as a dedicated device for entertainment more than anything else. The iPad Pro marked the first time we really thought about it opportunities to change our laptop for an iOS tablet. Not only because it can do a lot of the tasks we do every day on a computer, but also because we can achieve so many thanks to accessories like the new Apple Pencil at the time.

And over time, this new line of tablets was improving, until in 2018 marked the new turning point with a completely different design than what we were used to so far. The iPad Pro truly became a window into the new world, a boat to carry our ideas into the material world. And that year, the Apple Pencil also began to come out of this category, eventually reaching less expensive products.

However, when the new iPad Pro arrives, there are some who see something forgotten. By using the fact that the frames are significantly reduced, Apple has increased the screen size of high-end tablets at least 11 inches. Some sizes, as well as a much larger 12.9 inch option, should be able to reach a larger number of iPad Pro users. At the very least, it is thought that there are other alternatives in the form of the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini.

But it is this last option that makes us think that there may be a portable Pro device. the tablet ancient sketchbook size where we can end up. One that is not as dedicated to production as other iPads, because the iPad mini-model keyboard was not particularly comfortable, but retains some functionality like its nice screen and Apple's latest Penis.

Whether these types of products have a place in the market is something that seems clear, or at least Apple's competitors seem to see great potential. It's not helpful to see the launch of devices such as Surface Duo or Surface Neo in recent months. But even so, it seems complicated that it manages to attract enough viewers, especially with the iPad mini itself as a competitor.

In the end, we should look into that, though some iPad Pro functions at a more restricted size Creating an iPad Pro mini can be an exciting experience for some, it's hard to imagine that they can make a difference that is exciting enough to make it a choice over an iPad mini. Also, the main difference between the iPad Pro and iPad is not the screen size itself, but also the possibilities that this brings along with features like ProMotion.

In this case, it seems very reasonable Apple is waiting for future generations when these essential features of the current IP Pro become common to all models. This is something we've already seen happen with the iPad Air, which in many ways last year's 10.5-inch Pro, and could do it again this year, as rumors suggest.

Therefore, the Mini Pro mini may not be needed, which we may need to omit some features that make the Pro worthy of that nickname, but rather the future of the Mini Mini. the new born is now in the latest Pro. Probably the best mini that leaves its large frames, has a ProMotion screen and is compatible with the same Apple Pen refined for use in later generations of high-end models.

Based on what we have been able to hear in recent months, the new model may arrive the following year, or even in the coming months. According to recent Ming-Chi Kuo reports, Apple would work with not only the new version of iPad Air, but also on a small tablet with miniLED display It could be this new iPad mini awaited by many. But right now, all we have is rumors, and we don't even have any limitations on what it can cost.

Because that's one of the good points of contention for the new iPad mini model. This small tablet has never been considered a low-cost version of the iPad, simply it's a more restricted size for the upgraded iPad version, as iPad Air now or iPad Air 2 were then, etc. And for this reason, it's no longer the cheapest option on the line, costing 70 euros more expensive than the seventh-generation iPad.

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Either way, wait a while to find it. Ultimately, we all know that, other than being part of the Pro range, The iPad mini is one of the best options from users looking for power to take anywhere. It is a very controllable size behind the iPhone, and it has shown enough that it is an important factor in the future of Apple's tablet lineup, though its future may not lie about treating the Pro with its name.

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