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Size and colors, weight of iPad Pro, looking at new MacBook Pro … Infop Loop podcast week




The unlimited Loop is daily podcast by The Applesphere, which was released from Monday to Friday at 7:00 am (Spanish time), where we talk about Apple and its competing company Copertino. It's a podcast that is about 10 minutes long, presented Javier Lacort and edited by Santi Araújo.

These have been five episodes this week, you can listen to them completely from this one page.

# 148: New MacBook Pro Wanted

An email from the listener works to open the topic of discussion and debate in today's episode. Which MacBook Pro would be fun to buy, and when?

# 149: Worried? lack of IP Pro and iPhone SE

Both devices arrive with no U1 chip, something that interrupts the context in which we took the time for the arrival of the Apple tags, which were available in the Tiles style. We discuss a few possible explanations.

# 150: iPad Pro, weight issue

With the Magic Keyboard already on the streets, we know new information about it: its weight. Truth does not directly promote its bearing and light.

# 151: Big iPhone, Small iPhone

The advent of SE is closing in on the prospects of those hoping that Apple didn't kill 4 inches. A community that wants or directs as little calls as possible.

# 152: which color to choose

With the new iPhones on the market, many consumers are asking the same question: what color should they choose? Here are a few comments on what your choice means.

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