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Slow ringing of your mobile phones with this new application: Ring Master




Consider the situation. You're in the cinema, the room is quiet, they are all quiet watching the movie and your cell phone, which was unlocked, It starts to sound like a harmony when a call is made. We've all suffered, in the first person and listened to another's cellphone. Also, even though the solution includes making the cell phone uninterrupted, setting it on or off the airplane mode, all of these steps require ink processing.

Google has just introduced a gradual ringing of calls, an option sent by Pixel and based on a simple principle: because the phone can ring in relaxation conditions, the ring volume will start at a low level so that, before the tone finally interrupts, the person has time to answer the call or return it. Hey, do you want this feature on your phone? With Ring Master you have it.

Prevent phone calls from interrupting

Slow Calls

The app we're talking about is based on the same foundations and options introduced by Google on Pixels within Android 10: ringing slowly so that the phone does not ring at your desired level. This way we save the scares of the cinema, the theater and at any other time the phone should not ring.

Ring Master is a free Android application that doesn't have much mystery. Once installed (ready for Android 6 and later), the app allows change the driving behavior of the drive customize it to a greater degree than the program offers. We can mark that before it is heard, for example. And choose the vibration time, how long it will take to start the sounding bell, how will the volume increase? and at what level. It is also possible to test the conversion to make sure it is left to our liking.

Slow Calls

The app works fine, at least for the phones we've tested. It's free to download, you need permission to access the phone (in the right sense), ad-free and offers a purchase within the 999 euro app to customize the options (the free version doesn't allow you to change the default settings, but these already provide the appropriate use).

The king's ring

The king's ring

Via | XDA Developers


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