Apple Watch and Spotify

A few days ago, Deezer, a music streaming service, announced the ability to download music to the Apple Watch for later offline listening on the smartwatch. It is one of the functions most appreciated by users. However, few applications allow this action, which means a delay because the clock cannot function as an independent entity. Following Deezer’s announcement, Spotify’s machines have been greased and activated. Just a few days later The option to download music from Spotify is now available on Apple Watch

for offline listening without an iPhone nearby.

Spotify (finally) lets you download songs to the Apple Watch

Starting today, we’re rolling out the ability to download your favorite playlists, albums, and podcasts to Apple Watch. All users can now play tracks, albums, playlists and podcasts, and now premium users will also be able to download whatever they listen to for a true offline and phone-free experience. This is in addition to all the other Spotify features on Apple Watch, from Connect & Control to streaming to Siri.

By a brief press release, Spotify has announced one of the biggest news for Apple Watch users These last months. This is an option that has been going on for years. The ability to download playlists and music in general so that you can enjoy them offline on the Apple smart watch.

So you can download songs from Spotify to Apple Watch 1

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This smart move by Spotify will allow users to run with AirPods connected to the Apple Watch, allowing them to leave the iPhone at home. However, it is necessary an Apple Watch Series 3 o later

with watchOS 6.0 or higher, although the company recommends watchOS 7.1 or higher.

To download songs or playlists we will have to click on the “…” button of the playlist or song and click on “Download to Apple Watch”. The download will begin immediately. and we can enjoy the music downloaded in the Spotify app on the Apple Watch.