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So you can have black mode for OfficialApp's Official Website




Just a few weeks after WhatsApp announced the arrival of black mode in its use of mobile devices, a color theme outside of battery storage that could bring to devices with OLED-type screens is much easier to use at night, with invisible fatigue.

However, after its transfer, the computer and the web version are no longer available. Fortunately, DarkApp Web's dark mode already exists, and you can enable it.

How to operate the BlackApp Web mode

BlackApp Web's dark mode is not officially available, but the theme is already available in WhatsApp version itself.

Activate WhatsApp Web mode is black It's very simple, and you have to log into WhatsApp Web from your computer and change the parameter to the application code. However, it is only temporary, because when we redesign WhatsApp Web it will become clear again and we will have to do it again. But it's so quick and easy that it's worth knowing how to make it.

As we show in the short video, the steps to follow are quite simple. But we go through the steps briefly.

  • The first thing we have to do is to access WhatsApp Web from your browser. Not working with Windows or Mac application.
  • We right-click. A few menus will appear, the last one being called Testing, or Check the item. Click on it.

  • On the right side of the web will appear a box with a lot of text that you might not even know what it is doing. It is the source code of WhatsApp Web.
  • Using the mouse wheel, go up and find a tag called == $ 0.
  • We click The web, will allow us to edit the text. We replace it it's dark on the web, you are:
    • == $ 0

And then we will have WhatsApp Web in official black mode. As we mentioned, this change will last until we close the program or refresh the page. Given how efficient it is, it is likely that in the next few days it will be officially available, or extend the timeframe that allows us to keep the dark mode simple, but at least for now we can use it.





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