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So you can see in Google Assistant the most popular search styles in your area




If you want to know what it is on demand Currently in your country or in your area you can now find one yourself Google Assistant, in addition to seeing your new thinking suggestions.

In these last days, Google has merged thinking styles and its automatic completion to its Assistant, but in order to see them we have to pass keyboard.

Search Trends and Suggestions

Trends and suggestions

See you styles and suggestions for thinking we need to open Google Assistant and then tap on the icon keyboard. When the keyboard is activated, we'll see the search trend in our area with the most popular search terms right now.

When we start writing a question we will see how Google Assistant also starts showing us new suggestions that will help us complete our action or query. Those suggestions are also based on a lot of searches in our area.

This way we don't have to go to Google Trends to find the most popular search terms, we can now contact them directly from Google Assistant.


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