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In August 2019, the task & # 39; No interruptions & # 39 ;, also known as Google Wellbeing, and came to Google Digital Wellbeing Focus Mode. Through it, as its name implies, effort is made reducing the number of interruptions taken in telephone operation. Specifically, those are the apps that allow us to spend more time in the account.

The mode has finally left its beta phase, as it is already available on all sites with Google Digital Wellbeing. So, let us show you where is this mode and how to use it, to try to increase phone use.

Setting mode & # 39; No interruptions & # 39;

Digital Wellness

To enjoy the "No Distraction" mode we should only go to & # 39; Digital Wellbeing and parental control

, in our service settings. It is not necessary for the terminal to have Android One or Pixel, since many manufacturers incorporate this method into their ROMs from Android 9.0 Pie.

This mode allows you to hold calls to prevent occasional phone disruptions

Within this menu, we will see the use of the phone and, below, a section called & # 39; ways to disconnect & # 39; In this submenu we will access the last option, called & # 39; Mode without interruptions & # 39 ;. As shown by clicking on it, this mode "pauses applications that interrupt you when you need to focus."

Digital wellbeing

How to use it is simple. We should only select the apps we want to be uninterrupted, and run mode. We can leave it working or not working manually, even if you are very comfortable explain its plan.

We can configure this mode to adjust the dates and times we want them to work. Similarly, we can make the difference to exceed these limits for a period of time.

In this case, we can choose the dates and time of start / end this way. For example, we can disable social networking from Monday to Friday for a few hours of sleep, or any interaction that comes to mind.


Once we've set the mode, We will not be able to use the applications we have configured. We will receive a notification indicating that the application is unavailable. However, when we click on & # 39; more info & # 39; in the banner of this notification, it may take 5, 15 or 30 minutes, to run the system at that time interval.

Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness


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