Sofia Coppola

The latest news related to Apple's video streaming service, we find it in the middle Deadline. According to this average, Sofia Coppola, you care adapt the novel by Edith Wharton you called World Culture for Apple's streaming video service.

Wharton wrote a novel World Culture the year 1913 and described as "a sad tale of lust following Undine Spragg, a Midwestern girl trying to climb the New Yok City community." This novel is by no means one of his most representative works.

According to Deadline, the new product will be staffed. As of the release date and details of the broadcast are not known yet. And we don't know if t he series will happen at the same time or it will have a modern twist. Sofia Coppola

says Undine Spragg, co-author of the novel, her favorite anti-heroin, which he is very excited about having reached an agreement to be able to bring it on television.

With this new product, it's the second reunion of Sofia Coppola and Apple. The first is the movie On The Rocks, a movie star Bill Murray y Rashida Jones, a film that no longer has a release date. It's snowing, tells the story of a young mother who reunites with her father, a playboy who lives in New York.

The next article that comes with Apple TV + is called Dads, a documentary directed by Bryce Dallas Howard (The director's daughter Ron Howard) of his initiation scheduled for June 19th, two days before Father's Day celebrations in the United States and many other Latin American countries. This text shows us the changing role of a father in the world through some of the most famous comedians in America.