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some models may have larger screens in the future




The 2022 launch of Apple virtual reality glasses is something Ming-Chi Kuo recently noted. A well-known commentator also posted a report explaining that many iPad models will see their big screen in the coming months until 2021. The report was accessed by AppleInsider.

We will be talking about the basic iPad, which will have a screen 10.8 inch during the second half of 2020. And during the first half of 2021, the iPad mini panel was a steal 8.5 inches or 9 inches. The company will want to measure that change at an affordable retail price. The GIS provider will assist by providing touch panels at a reasonable price.

Independent, the main victims of the emergence of the iPad

IPad Mini 2019 Applesfera Review 03

The standard iPad model has already seen an increase in its screen size, from 9.7 to 10.2 inches, so it will be the second time to see it grow. We think it will at the cost of reducing their frames

, to see how they've succeeded you on the iPad Pro. In the case of the iPad mini it will be the first time we've seen an increase in its screen.

Perhaps here is the design of all iPad "non-Pro" comes the same as Pro: Apple routinely incorporates everything learned into its advanced grades in order to improve the primary grades over time. Over time we should expect some iPads with the emergence of the current Pro, even though they have a few features to lower their price. In the meantime, the Pro range will continue to build and emerge.


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