Many will know the type of product Sonos, a special mark on speakers with certain connections and that they were famous for incorporating AirPlay technology, Apple's data transmission. The product has previously had its merger removed and is currently in the midst of a lawsuit against Google because the latter could violate Sonos' patents. Today we bring you a new beat with Sonic, or rather, a beat from Sonos for us, and that's it Sonos will stop supporting devices over 10 years old

. After the jump we give you more details of these important issues.

And it is AirPlay technology that can stop working for these speakers since if this or any other technology is updated, these speakers will not receive these updates and will not work. Yes, that's true if they have a mini-jack connection they will work with the cordbut in the end we have lost Sonic connection

. No longer supported Sonos devices: some ZonePlayerand Sonos Connect and Sonos Connect: Amp (sold between 2006 and 2015) Sonos Play: 5 First generation (introduced 2009), CR200 (released 2009) and Bridge (released 2007).

Are you one of those with some of these speakers? You now have one two options, one to keep up with the speakers, they will eventually continue to function until those shocking updates come. Another option you have is to opt out … Sonic will offer a 30% discount on anyone who buys the new Sonic, a recycling program

where Sonic wins, and we get the last-generation device at a fantastic discount. And you, will you update your device or do you prefer to lose connection?