Against all controversy last year we began to see that many brands like Sony, Samsung and LG began to make their televisions compliant with domestic communications policies and data transmission Apple HomeKit and AirPlay 2. This will determine the communication opportunities between us iPhone and our television, that was never a dream come true. Some are as fast as Samsung and others are as slow as Sony, but these products are slowly coming to market, which should undoubtedly be a "must" if we plan to turn on the TV and have Apple products at home. Sony has announced its new range of HomeKit-compatible TVs and AirPlay 2 for 2020.

These features will feature new televisions with 8K LED, 4K OLED and 4K LED technology, that is, almost all the higher range you have on the market.

This way they also propose their new TRILUMINOS system which converts and deactivates specific parts of the panel to save energy and above all provide clean blacks at a low price, especially for LED panels where they are most visible. These televisions are not compatible with Apple, for example they have Google Assistant integrated.

The entire X800H range is included, With 4K HDR technology and LED technology, we found a value from 550 euros:

  • 85 ″ model
  • 75 ″ model
  • 65 ″ model
  • 55 ″ model
  • Model 49 ″
  • Model 43 ″

The Z8H range is also added, namely 8K televisions with LED panel and two sizes, we have it for 85 ″ and 75 ″ from 7.0000 euros, with a few luxuries that few can afford. Finally the A8H Bravia range is OLED HDR with 4K resolution and is also offered at 55 ″ and 65 ″ over 2,300 euros.