Sony launches 'Visual Story' an app with which event photographers can share their photos instantly 1

These days I have attended many seminars on how COVID changed the audiovisual industry. And it is that everything changes, especially at the level of production, but also at the level of post-production. Businesses know this and want to make life a little easier. Today we bring you a Sony’s proposal that will facilitate interaction between photographers, weddings?and your customers. Sony has just presented Visual Story …

It goes without saying that while Sony wants to sell this app as a application designed for wedding photographers, it can be extrapolated to photographers of any event … Visual Story has launched for the time being in the App Store in the United States, although the idea is that Sony will launch the app worldwide. The operation is very simple: the photographer takes pictures of the event, these uploaded directly to the Sony cloud via its compatible cameras (a7S III, a7c, a7R IV, a9 and a9 II), and from an iPad we can see all the photos, edit them on the fly and share them

with our client. This is the main idea. Of course, in order for this whole workflow to work, you have to go to the checkout and purchase one of the Sony plans start at $ 22.

Useful? In the end it’s a question of how you want to work. I have participated in events by recording videos or taking photos and in the end the customer wants to have his equipment as quickly as possible. the having the ability for the client to see the content on the fly makes things much easier, and especially when everything can be done by cables. Visual Story also allows us automatically embed logos, social media links in online galleries or even make changes with presets (which we may have predefined before the event). Of course, this is an app designed for professionals that meets their needs, it is totally useless for anyone.