Spotify launches its `` stories '' in its app

Social networks are increasingly a reflection of the society in which we live. From blatant Instagram plagiarism to Snapchat under the name “ Instagram Stories, ” the rest of social networks have incorporated similar features into their platforms. The goal? Capture the user and anchor them to the reality they are selling inside the app and convey the life of users in real time. The last to join the list of stories was Twitter under the name “ Fleets ” and now it’s Spotify which presents the stories of the most famous albums and playlists,

Who will be the next one?

Spotify stories bring artists and listeners closer

Listeners to the “Christmas Hits” playlist were the first to be surprised. Last night they stumbled upon a new circular element at the top of the title. Those are the new Spotify stories. They feature artists such as the Pentatonix group speaking to playlist listeners.

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This new way to interact with Spotify users It has an interface very similar to Instagram Stories. If we click on the right we go forward and if we do it on the left we go back to the end of all the mini-videos that make up the story in question. In the last 24 hours, no new videos have been added, although it is likely that they will in the next few days.

It is likely that this feature is a full scale beta something new that Spotify is preparing to improve the interaction between artists and their followers. In this way, it is possible to offer exclusive content closer to the followers of the most used music streaming service of the moment. Besides finding a similarity to Instagram Stories, it also doesn’t resemble the exclusive content profiles of Apple Music artists. In the end, the goal is similar: that artists reach their followers.