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Standford University studying COVID-19 adoption through the Apple Watch




Apple Watch heart rate

Technological development after Apple Watch enabled the app to partner in health care for millions of users around the world. When setting priorities, Apple focuses on those situations that quietly affect most people, with deadly consequences. But now and given the global health emergency, this device may be able to help a lot.

To take advantage of smart watches such as the Apple Watch and the enthusiasm of people who rely heavily on one aspect of their health for one another, Stanford University experts are developing a study find COVID-19 cases, based on information provided by these devices.

This research proposed by scientists at Strandford University contains use data such as heart rate and respiratory rate to detect possible COVID-19 cases.

We are trying to determine if information from wearable devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watch can be used to track infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Hopefully we can predict the onset before any symptoms start.

Currently, experts call upon people who meet one of the three conditions to participate in a two-year trial: Among the requirements are: Guaranteed or COVID-19 suspect, you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 ″ or you have one increased risk of exposure (such as health care workers or supermarket workers).

To the first stage, participants must download the app, completing daily symptom assessment. In addition, they will be asked to submit information collected by Apple Watch and be denied access to their electronic medical record.

According to information shared by 9to5mac, during the second stage A personal panel will be created that can notify people when they are sick. While the algorithm from the first study was developed using the Basis clock and other discarded devices, this new study aims to unify the device and include models such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Oura Ring. According to a statement from a university spokesperson:

"We find a ton of subscribers who have smart watches and have been sick"

"We're talking about tens of millions of people, all these smart watches that can protect health from infectious diseases like covid-19."

Although this proposal seems very promising, Stanford experts believe it may find obstacles when it comes to US smartwatch manufacturers who are requesting approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to allow access to its symptoms.


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