If you are a person who enjoys outdoor sports like cycling, jogging, etc. You definitely use the Strava app to control your usage and share it with your friends and family. It is a very popular follow-up training program for training sessions because it is multi-functional, compatible with iOS, Android, and a host of devices.

But it had an interruption: it wasn't compatible with the Health data you store on your iPhone. You should have exported stored training to Health through other apps and import to Strava. With this new update, you already have the app integrated with Health.

You can now publish your achievements directly.

IOS iOS today received an important new update. You are currently joining HealthKit in a way that allows users to import applications collected by Apple Watch into the Strava system automatically.

To enable this, go to your profile in the Strava program, go to Settings, then select "Applications, Services and Devices" and select the Health plan.

You can now choose to deactivate and upload it to Strava. Exactly, without doing anything else.

For example, you can record an external race with the traditional Apple Workouts app from your Apple Watch, and upload that time directly to Strava.

The official details of this new update are as follows:

  • You can now sync usage and tasks with Strava recorded with the workout app on your Apple Watch.
    We have also simplified the importation of services, and removed the double burden.
  • We take control of your operations on mobile devices. In case you leave your GPS running too long, You can now edit your work from your mobile phone.
  • Your Strava Summit friends will now also see your heart, amount and rhythm changed of degree in Categories.

Strava is available in the App Store as a free download for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.