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Swedenbank, one of Sweden's most important banks, already has Apple Pay




After arriving in the last few weeks in Belarus, a few days after Madrid's EMT used it in its bus fleet and that London enabled & # 39; s display mode & # 39; public transit, Apple Pay, Carlertino's mobile payment service, has arrived in Swedenbank.

One of the most important banks in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Swedishbank Jpeg

The Swedish bank is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, but also has numerous customers in other Nordic and Baltic countries, specifically over 9.5 million

. This group is located in cities such as Copenhagen, Moscow, Marbella or New York.

With the adoption of Apple Pay in Sweden, the number of Swedish citizens with the opportunity to use the service increased to 4.1 million, according to a MacRumors account. Managers a MasterCard or Master Debit credit card

You can register them on your devices with the Wallet app.

By using a press release, Lotta Lovén, director of digital banking at Swedenbank, made the following statement:

"We want to be able to offer our customers a variety of digital and mobile services, and Apple Pay is the most requested service among our customers. We are pleased to announce that our mobile payment offering is expanded in a secure and smart way, which will provide even more value to our customers."


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