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Telegram updates for file uploads up to 2GB, animated avatars, and advanced statistics



Telegram updates for file uploads up to 2GB, animated avatars, and advanced statistics

The Telegram has released new models for its customers, with news on macOS and iOS and IPOS. This includes a variety of items, or very interesting ones that will highlight the day for those who increase the use of the Telegram without the immediate messaging service.

The reason I say this is that the Telegram now knows send attachments up to 2GB, and of any format. Therefore, the maximum limit is up to 500 MB, so use the service to send large files or even use it from the store when we send those messages in chat with us.

Live avatars, big team statistics, and more changes

Telegraph iphone ios ios

Something very interesting now Our profile photos can be photographed. They will still be considered in the chat and chat section, but will be promoted to our profile page to show when other contacts are consulting. The service also took advantage of the update to create many more emojis.

In addition, we also make sense of the statistics of more than 500 groups of people, Support for multiple MacOS client service accounts, chat filtering depends on whether the contacts are on our agenda, the photo icons that are sent to the conversations from the chat list and the new skin softening effect on the photos we take.

Telegraph Introduction: benefits, subscriptions and basic uses

All these updates are now available for free. Gradually, the Telegram introduced new features that could add to the controversy in order to qualify and not as a messaging service with advanced options, if not and as a flexible environment of advanced users who want to try.

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