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Telegraph updated to version 6.0: all news




The Telegraph for Android, the difference from the standard Telegraph

A new update is on its way Phone. The company behind the paper messaging app announced the arrival of version 6.0 mobile app, which delivers a huge amount of exciting news, including opportunities keep conversations in the files of the best organization.

Renewal, available from today for Telegraph users for both Android and iOS, and enhances the sync of the app with the desktop version, in addition to installing many other nice changes that we'll see below.

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You can now organize your conversations in a folder

A very important new feature has been added to this update the discussion organization in the folders. Both on Android and iOS, it's now about to happen edit active conversations so that each conversation is placed in its corresponding folder – for example, work, family or hobbies. It will be possible to include both individual conversations, group chats and channels.

The function of folders can work directly from app settings. However, Telegram suggests that it will be recommended to use this feature when the list of active discussions is too long.

Other function related to the app's chat screen association Termination of fixed negotiation limit

– It is now possible to save as many conversations as you like at the top of the list.

Finally, it should be noted that chat folders will automatically sync with the Telegal desktop version, so it is not necessary to create folders for each application session.

Better channel stats and new photos on Android

If you have a Telegraph station – similar to ours – you will be happy to know that you can now sign in detailed dashboard information from it to see the data in the size of your post and its functionality.

On the other hand, the Telegraph version of Android now includes a series of new photos. They will appear when recording a voice or video messageby pressing and holding the record button. These photos will show the magnitude of the noise captured

with a device microphone.

Finally, from Telegrams they announced the arrival many animation emojis. They are all somehow related to health problems worldwide caused by the COVID-19 epidemic – new sticker-related packages have also been included – and are available, as always, through the application emoji panel. In a sense, moreover, "dice" emoji It is also animated, and each time it is sent it will display a different number that has been completely randomized.

The Telegraph version 6.0 It is already available for download on Android or iOS via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In addition, i desktop version updated to support new synced chat folders.

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