Tesla's next update could add Apple Music 1

At the end of the year, there is a lot of talk about the possible Apple smart car and its arrival on the market. Joking aside, it looks like the Cupertino firm is interested in adding to the market within a few years and the most compelling idea I’ve personally read is about including services in autonomous vehicles, which will happen sooner. or later and that it will change our consumption habits inside cars when we move from one place to another without having to touch the steering wheel.

It’s something that will eventually happen, but even if it doesn’t, it looks like Tesla, one of those who could be a direct competitor – with years of advantage in the auto industry over Apple – would be about to add the Apple Music service natively in its vehicles. So far all these Tesla users only have the Spotify service available, I also think I remember they gave one year of service when purchasing the car, now It looks like the Tesla will also add Apple’s music service.

Until now the only 100% electric Apple Music adds in its vehicles is the Porsche Taycanit is possible that the Tesla will add it in the next version of the software as instructed by user Green and reproduce the well-known MacRumors website. This is just a possibility that has not been officially confirmed by Tesla, let alone Apple, so it will be necessary to follow the rumor closely to see if it is confirmed or not.