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The 14-inch MacBook Pro looks set to be delayed until 2021




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In late 2019, Apple unveiled a new 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard with a reusable butterfly keyboard, upgraded speakers, 9th gen Intel processors, and 64GB of RAM.

Months later, in the month of May 2020, the company unveiled its new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Magic Keyboard, which works great and reaches 4 TB of storage capacity.

All rumors suggest that now the company with the apple bite logo will launch the new MacBook Pro model with a 14-inch screen. However, recent leaks suggest that the laptop will not be available until 2021.

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The 14-inch MacBook Pro will not be released until 2021

A Twitter user known for his leaks in Apple products revealed that the 14-inch MacBook Pro will be launched next year. The account @ L0vetodream He had been right for years with his forecasts about the new product launch. It correctly predicted the arrival of the iPad Pro, the Magic keyboard and even the iPhone SE for months before launch.

And in one of his latest dreams, he has announced that the 14-inch MacBook Pro (MBP14) will arrive in 2021:

Apple has replaced the 15-inch MacBook Pro with the new MacBook Pro, but it is believed it will not do the same with its 13-inch and 14-inch models. There is a lot of speculation about the possible launch of a 14-inch computer later this year by 2020. But in the end, for some reason, it seems unlikely. On the other hand, it's also exciting to add that L0vetodream has revealed that Apple will update its 12-inch MacBook. We'll see if it happens as predicted!


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