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The 5 features the iPhone SE 2020 left behind



IPhone Cover SE

The iPhone SE of 2020 is undoubtedly a phone that will come out. It's Apple's smallest device today, but it boosts the strongest processor we have available, which is makes it the most powerful device under 5 inches on the market. All of this from € 489 translates into successful sales as filtered.

To achieve this for less than € 500, those of Copertino have to sacrifice some of the benefits today that are widely used to detect among their devices, let's see which has fallen by the wayside on this new iPhone SE from 2020, The less expensive Apple.

What's not in the iPhone SE in front of my older brothers?

Ultra wide angle camera

Depending on the base price of this iPhone, incorporating a second lens into its camera module is clear that it was something Apple would never consider. Despite this have an ultra wide angle lens as the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro already do makes the mobile device camera more usable, and offers a world of new opportunities in our mobile images.

Apple may have withheld a feature like this one for the latest iPhone SE Plus, though it seems strange because the Plus versions traditionally had a phone lens, not a wide angle.

IPhone SE Display mode

Nothing Mode Night on the new iPhone SE

Here without a doubt, Apple wants to make the difference between its high-end terminals and its less expensive device. The night mode was introduced along with the new camera system for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, and unfortunately It has been one of the benefits that has hit the road

. This shows that the difference between the iPhone SE camera and that of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is fairly achievable, and that despite the improved iPhone SE camera offers compared to the iPhone 8 this still hasn't reached the height that the high-end models have.

3- No ID ID or headphone jack connection

By accepting the iPhone 8 form feature, 2020 iPhone SE has no Apple Face Unlock feature. This is not a big problem for many Touch ID fans, which has proven over the years that it is an open and efficient unlock system, and that can lift the balance in some cases on this new device.

IPhone Cover SE

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On the other hand, and as we've seen watching from the iPhone 7 the iPhone SE also doesn't have a headphone jack connection, so if we want to connect others in the world to store a new one we will have to do it through Lightning phone communication with Apple headsets or using an adapter. Another option is to invest in AirPods that will undoubtedly be the ideal companion for this device.

2- Except the "Tap to wake up" function

This is closely linked to the lack of face ID. By choosing to wake up the iPhone by pressing the home button Apple has chosen to exclude the wake-up option on the new iPhone SE. In any case, there's something offline by right-clicking the home button and unlocking the iPhone with our finger. This is, besides being a function we would like to see And it's not one that we will miss much, and little if we didn't have so far.

1- Except for the Ultra wideband U1 chip

Despite the fact that right now it's not something we really use on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, it can end up being a useful tool over time. Right now this function is only applicable to using AirDrop because it directly detects other devices, however not too long ago we realized how thankful our iPhone is becoming the key to our car for example.

Not surprisingly, Apple didn't include it, since neither does the IP Pro for 2020, but it would have been a nice addition when we would later take advantage of it.

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