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The A12Z Bionic iPad Pro (2020) chip is very similar to the previous generation according to the & # 39; bench & # 39; the first




A Reddit user named Zindexed got his new Pro (2020) a day earlier than expected. Because of this, you were able to issue a different one benches because check the power of the A12Z Bionic processor in this new Pro. And the result leaves no room for doubt: it is a chip very similar to the previous one, with great potential.

Slower improvements to the A12Z Bionic chip compared to the A12X Bionic

According to the user, his order was scheduled delivery March 26, I finally arrived yesterday. After posting photos on the forum, other users asked her to continue benches

such as those in Antutu or Gebenbench. The result was as follows (source):

geekbench test
antutu test

The 2018 iPad Pro A12X Bionic has a score of almost 1,110 points in the test single-core and 4,673 in most importantly. As can be seen, the result is the same in both models. In a test of energy efficiency The 2020 iPad Pro lost 9,894 points

, compared to 9,146 a generation ago.

Here the difference between the two processes is obvious. The A12X Bionic has 7 cores, per season the A12Z Bionic has 8 cores. As for the Antutu test, the results are as follows:

  • ICCU: 187,648 vs 184,553 for the previous model.
  • GPU: 348,519 vs 357,335 for the previous model.
  • Memory: 71,476 vs 90,598 of the previous model.

As we mentioned earlier, these tests still need to be adapted to new models. But what is clear is that are very similar to the results obtained by the previous generation.

The A12Z Bionic chip is based on the same processor released on the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max in 2018. it had a chip from the A13 Bionic, released on the iPhone last year. But in the end it wasn't.

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